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Questions and more questions

This journey has left me with a tonne of questions. As an aspiring writer, my 10-year plan was to publish 2-3 good quality books probably about urban/millennial culture and how the young engage with politics etc.. While I still harbor those dreams, I realize now that a lot of my goals had the words 'I' and 'me' in it. That was so because of the tremendous pressure we generally feel to prove ourselves as individuals and "make it" in this world - which is a marker of whether we have succeeded or not. But, this trip is making me rethink those goals.

Spending 10 days with a group of random, politically inclined strangers, many of whom I became very close to - was a special experience because it showed me that 'I' don't exist in a vacuum. It showed me the importance of community and of having people who care about you and support you. It's making me rethink my relationship with the world and my own privilege and how I can best use that privilege to contribute to the world. I think that for me the next steps are trying to think about how I can use my skills and experience in the service of others - this journey taught me that that's the path to a fulfilling and happy life.

Thank you so much ISD!!

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