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An opportunity for motivated individuals to work in
2024 Lok Sabha Elections

The India Elects Fellowship is a transformative three-month program designed for young individuals passionate about politics. 

This unique opportunity allows you to support inspiring Lok Sabha candidates from various national and regional parties in the 2024 General Elections, directly impacting the electoral process.

With a focus on hands-on involvement, the Fellowship invites 50 fellows to assist 10 Lok Sabha candidates, offering a blend of political intelligence, campaign strategy, social media management, and more.

Celebrating India's 75th year of independence, this Fellowship aligns with a pivotal moment in the nation's democratic journey.

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Final Deadline: 25th December, 2023


Why Apply for India Elects Fellowship?


Work closely with a potential Member of Parliament


Develop crucial political campaigning & leadership skills


Network with national leaders,  grassroots workers and other key stakeholders


Understand the social-cultural diversity within a constituency in India through elections


Launch a career in politics by exploring new pathways for everyday citizens to play a role election


Opportunity to contribute towards building a robust democracy

Who is it for?

50 Fellows | Age 20 - 40 years


If you're passionate about politics and want to contribute meaningfully towards the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024

If you have skills in data analysis, mobilization, social media, event management, campaign organizing et cetera

People from diverse professional backgrounds, including but not limited to

political party, social sector, political consulting, media, law, management, IT.

Selection process:

There are 3 stages in the selection process:

Stage 1: Shortlisting of Written application form
Stage 2: Video Interview
Stage 3: In-person 3 day bootcamp in Delhi & Hyderabad


Snapshot of Fellows' Role

The India Elects Fellowship aims to be a transformative step in nurturing democratic values and practices within India's electoral landscape. 

The work will pivot around the election campaign of the candidate. It may include:


Social Media & PR


Political Intelligence




Innovative Campaigns


Legal Compliance


Public Mobilisation


Office & Logistics


Event Management

Potential MP Candidates

We would be working with and supporting 10 diverse leaders from various national and regional parties who are planning to contest the 2024 General Elections.

In our pursuit for principled leadership in politics, our focus is on leaders committed to service, with a clean track record in public life and belief in Constitutional values.

List of MP Candidates to be announced soon!


Learning Process

The selected fellows will be attending an intensive residential induction in February in Delhi before being assigned with their teams in their respective constituencies.​

Each Fellow will be assigned a Mentor from the ISD Team. During the course of the fellowship, there will be online engagement, check-ins and ground visits by ISD core team members to provide support to the fellows.

The fellowship will end with a 5 days residential learning program in May 2024.

Fellows are expected to stay in the constituencies during the 3 months period of the fellowship. 

16th February to 12th May* (*Dates may vary based on election schedule)


Fellows Allocation & Honorarium

Fellows will be matched with candidates based on skill set, gender balance, language and political alignment. 

They will be provided with boarding and lodging facilities free of cost by the Lok Sabha candidates. 

A monthly honorarium of INR 5,000 is available to 10 women and transgender fellows on a need basis.

This fellowship requires full-time commitment and precludes parallel engagements. Fellows will be expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct, ensuring dedication and professionalism throughout the program.

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Application Deadline
25th December 2023

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