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Nurturing principled public leaders for our democracy is important work and at Indian school of Democracy we are  committed to providing a high quality and rigorous learning experience to each of our participants. Our programs focus on diversity and we are very deliberate about being inclusive to have participants from all walks of life. For this, we need your support.


Why grassroots politics?

A sarpanch represents 5000+ number of people in her gram panchayat and has discretion around INR 80 lakh per annum.

A ward councillor even in a small city typically contributes to decisions for a budget of around INR 10 Cr annually.

We want to strengthen the political leadership at grassroots level because they are in charge of the local affairs of the village or municipal council and better understand the needs of the citizens they represent. 

Working at the grassroots, also allows us to bring true gender equality in politics because all states have between 33-50% reservation for sarpanch and councillor seats. Principled leaders at grassroots level can make informed choices to meaningfully impact the lives of our citizens.

Our Audacious Goal

Research shows that it takes a critical mass of 3.5% people to behave differently, for the entire system to change.


Our audacious goal is that by 2047 (100 years of Indian independence), 25% of political leaders will be principled. 


Why are we crowdfunding ISD?

Our ideal also goes back to pre-independence day, when a farmer and an officer - both had equal stake in getting independence and everyone contributed for the work of getting freedom. We want to build ISD with these ideals.


We strongly believe यह समाज का काम है, इसलिए इसके नागरिकों को इसे करना होगा (It's society’s work, so its citizens have to do it).


One of our core principles is to remain non-partisan and inclusive. For this, it is important that we don't build an institution funded by a few people with a certain political leaning or interest. Keeping this view in mind, we want to have thousands of funders, and here we are asking you to support us with any amount you feel called to. 

Our bank details for direct transfer -



Fundamental Pillar Association


Account number


Savings Account 




HDFC Bank, Geetanjali Enclave Branch,

New Delhi - 110017


How will we use this money?


Immersion for cohort across three places in the country


Program development (including selection boot camps across India)


Mentoring and facilitation


Focused programs for women leaders


Alumni support for ground work

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