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Democracy Express

राजनीति से लोकनीति

Democracy Express 2021 is a 9 day immersive learning journey with 50 aspiring political change makers across 4 states - Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Participants will be exposed to inspiring political leadership while travelling to understand the political canvas across these states. People from all states can apply.

Our vision is to build a community of principled leaders that deepen their understanding of the politics of sarvodaya as an important avenue of public service, imagine an alternative to the status quo in all the different arenas of politics and, find the moral courage to bring revolutionary change to India's politics through a deep understanding of where we are and how we got here.

Program Dates: 3rd December to 12th December 2021

Applications for Democracy Express 2021 are now closed


Why get on this Democracy Express?

The word politics has become stained in today's world - we want to change that.


There is limited access to the inner dynamics of an electoral system, minimal interaction between youth and political leaders and few accessible role models in Indian Politics for the youth today.

After the journey, you will...


Understand different pathways to politics


Reclaim politics as an avenue of public service


Build a community of principled leaders


Design and visualize your own political journey


Receive personal mentoring support

Highlights of

Democracy Express 2019

Our first ever Democracy Express successfully completed its first journey on 29th December 2019! We went to states of New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. 


We received 150+ applications to be part of our first ever cohort, within weeks of launching it. Applications came from all over the country and across multiple professional spectrums. We found our first cohort of 30 participants, who came from 18 different states of India. 


Our participants travelled to four states, met and interacted with over 14 political leaders across multiple parties and 9 non-political speakers, thinkers and practitioners. The speakers had candid conversations about their journey and pathways into politics, ethics, challenges and the potential of politics as a vehicle for public service in India. 


Participants left with an action plan for their political journey, a strong community of peers from multiple political parties, priceless memories and a shared vision for an inclusive India. 


Program Highlights



  • Learn about the history of the constitution and the essence of the values embedded in the Indian constitution

  • Understand the systems of governance across levels in a state or village



  • Engage with progressive leaders and unsung heroes within the political landscape, across cities and villages

  • Build a diverse network of aspiring future leaders



  • Immerse within the grassroots to understand challenges in socio-political spaces of each region

  • Experience processes like padyatra, shramdaan, community work with a focus on inner transformation

Who is it for?

50 participants | Age 18 - 50 years


Aspiring politicians, change makers, political workers, university students and development professionals across the country, who are committed to making a difference in our society through politics. We aim to curate a diverse cohort from across the political spectrum in the country, with equitable representation from all genders and backgrounds. 

People from all states can apply. Please note that this program will be in Southern part of India and will be conducted in English. Hence, proficiency in English ( comprehension and conversation) is a must.

Applications for Democracy Express 2021 are now closed


Former Speakers of Democracy Express 2019


Anandiben Patel
Governor, UP BJP


Prof. Ankur Sarin
IIM- Ahmedabad


Amul Bhatt



Aparna Mathur

We The People




MLA, Delhi AAP


​Fees & Contribution

Our sincere intention is to make this program accessible to everyone, irrespective of socio-economic status. 

The program cost is 40,000 INR. Each participant is expected to contribute a minimum of 15,000 INR. Beyond that, we operate on a trust based model that each participant will contribute according to their capacity.

We do provide limited scholarships that cover partial contributions of the program for those who do not have the financial capacity to support themselves for the program.


We provide special scholarships  to women and people from marginalised communities.


The selection process only looks at merit and potential of each candidate. If you are right for this program, we will collectively figure out how to find resources to support your learning. 

Applications for Democracy Express 2021 are now closed


South India Edition 2021

Democracy Express 2021 will travel through Four very distinct states of South India - Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

People from all states can apply

Each of these states have a very unique way of doing politics, our participants will get first hand experience of that special brand of South Indian politics.