Democracy Express - राजनीति से लोकनीति

Democracy Express is a 9 days immersive learning journey with 30 young future leaders.    


Participants will be exposed to inspiring political leadership and will engage with progressive and unsung heroes within the political landscape across all levels.


The goal is to build a positive narrative around politics, reclaim it as an important avenue of public service, introduce youth to different pathways to politics and build a community of future principled leaders.


Information | Interaction | Immersion 

Engage with progressive leaders and unsung heroes within the political landscape across cities and villages.


Immerse within the grassroots level to understand challenges in socio-political spaces of each region.


Experience processes like padyatra, shramdaan, community work with a focus on inner transformation.


Learn constitutional values, personal leadership and envision your own role in India’s development.


Build a network with a diverse group of aspiring future leaders.

Who is it for?

30 participants | Age 18 - 50 years


Aspiring politicians, changemakers, political workers, university students and development professionals across the country, who are committed to making a difference in our society through politics.


We aim to curate a diverse cohort from across the political spectrum in the country,

with equitable representation from all genders and backgrounds. 

Why get on this Democracy Express?

The word politics has become stained in today's world - we want to change that.


There is limited access to the inner dynamics of an electoral system, minimal interaction between youth and political leaders and few accessible role models in Indian Politics for the youth today.

After the Journey

Understand different pathways to politics

Reclaim politics as an avenue of public service

Build a community of principled leaders

Design and visualize your own political journey

Personal mentoring


Engagement Process

Registration Form, Phone and Video Conversations


ISD incurs a significant cost to support every participant for this journey.

As a non-profit organisation, we aim to accommodate the varied paying capacities of participants and will raise funds for the deficit.  


The cost per participant for Democracy Express is 35,500 INR. Participant contribution can range from  8,000 INR - 25,000 INR.


Since this form of experiential learning is not yet mainstream, we invite participants to look at it as an investment in your own self. As we learn and grow together, we take care of all those who offer us their gifts while fostering a spirit of care for all in our communities.


Our sincere intention is to make this valuable program accessible to everyone, irrespective of socio-economic status. At the same time, we intend to cover the cost of organising the program and create a nurturing experience for the organising team who puts in their head, heart and hands in creating it.


To bring this to effect, at Indian School of Democracy, we are experimenting with this

trust-based model of contribution to holding collaborative, collective and co-owned spaces.


We believe that finance should not be a roadblock in learning for anyone.

If you aren’t able to contribute but are interested to join the program, please write to us:

Lifestyle during the journey

Democracy Express is a journey connected to the ground. We will live, consume and travel in a thoughtful manner.


We would be using a non-AC sleeper bus for travel and staying in modest places.

Like the daily life of a politician is rigorous, our days would be rigorous starting at 5:30 AM and ending at 10:30 PM.


We will take utmost care for the safety of our participants and ensure any special needs are provided for.

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