Redefining Public Leadership

Nurture principled grassroots politicians, who have the moral courage and imagination, to work on strengthening Indian democracy and achieve sarvodaya.

Nurture. Transform.


Indian School of Democracy is a non-partisan organization that conducts programs for aspiring, grassroots political leaders. We want to nurture principled leaders, with moral courage and imagination, to achieve sarvodaya.


Every generation
needs its own leaders

Our generation is struggling to find principled leaders in the public and political landscape. During our independence movement, the courageous and visionary leaders surrendered themselves selflessly in service of the nation, to realize their idea of India. Today, a lot of motivated and talented young leaders often do not choose the path of public service. 


During the Indian independence movement, our founding mothers and fathers gifted the country an independent future. A future envisioned for a democratic ideal towards sarvodaya. More than seven decades later, democracy is working not for all, but only a few.


As we reflect, one of the many reasons is the dearth of principled leadership in public service. Today, India needs its best hearts and heads to serve, and nurture them as a cadre of enterprising and moral public servants.



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3 core principles to nurture leaders

We have 3 core principles to nurture leaders with a deep commitment to public service and a strong moral compass.

Inner Transformation

We truly believe that external change is a manifestation of inner change. Our process continuously invites participants to engage in reflection about their inner self, thoughts, emotions and actions. The practices and rituals on campus will strengthen their core, and immersions in remote areas will ground them in what is required to stimulate change.

Relevant Skills

We believe it is important to coach future public leaders in hard skills, just as we coach our doctors, teachers and scientists. Through skills and knowledge training in policy analysis, negotiations, constitutional law, communication, mobilization, public finance etc, our young leaders will be equipped to serve India.


We know that the path is going to be challenging and hence we need a community that anchors each young leader of ISD. A group of mentors and noble friends, who not only act as a mirror, but also hold each other in times of crisis. They will have diverging paths, but common values and vision for sarvodaya. This community will be the most valuable gift that our young leaders will receive from ISD. 


Indian School of Democracy, nurtures principled leaders who wish to serve the country through politics. The focus of our programs is on cultivating -

  • Hard skills for public service

  • Inner transformation

  • Network of public leaders

We currently have three programs -

The Good Politician, She Represents and Democracy Express. 


The Good Politician


She Represents

शक्ति भी सक्षम भी


Democracy Express

राजनीति से लोकनीति


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