A 21st century Sabarmati ashram and a community of principled public leaders, working to make India a global inspiration for inclusive democracy.

Through a combination of hard skills, inner transformation and immersive experiences across India, ISD will nurture principled leaders with moral courage and imagination to achieve sarvodaya.

The Crisis

Every generation needs its own leaders

Our generation is struggling to find principled leaders in the public and political landscape.


During our independence movement, the courageous and visionary leaders surrendered themselves selflessly in service of the nation, to realize their idea of India.


Today, a lot of motivated and talented young leaders often do not choose the path of public service. 


Our Belief

During the Indian independence movement, our founding mothers and fathers gifted the country an independent future.

A future envisioned for a democratic ideal towards sarvodaya.


More than seven decades later, democracy is working not for all, but only a few.

As we reflect, one of the many reasons is the dearth of principled leadership in public service.

Today, India needs its best hearts and heads to serve, and nurture them as a cadre of enterprising and moral public servants.

Our Vision

Redefining Public Leadership

Our Mission

Nurture principled grassroots politicians, who have the moral courage and imagination, to work on strengthening Indian democracy and achieve sarvodaya.


Our Approach

We have 3 core principles to nurture leaders with a deep commitment to public service and a strong moral compass.

Inner Transformation
Relevant Skills

Our Commitment

We believe in upholding the spirit of the values of equality, fraternity, liberty and justice which are enshrined in the Indian constitution. Our goal is to work towards sarvodaya which means upliftment of all.


Indian School of Democracy is, and will remain, a non-partisan institution that envisions its alumni influencing cultures of organizations across the political spectrum and public spaces in India.


We want to positively change the way democracy is experienced by each citizen.

Our Audacious Goal

An India where every citizen is treated equally and with dignity.

By 2047, 25% elected representatives in the Parliament, State assemblies, and local governments of India will be principled leaders working collaboratively to make democracy work for all citizens.

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