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She Represents

शक्ति है, सक्षम भी

She Represents is a 7-day immersive online learning experience for aspiring women political leaders. 


She Represents is a rigorous learning experience that nurtures the heads, hearts and hands of our future leaders. The goal of She Represents is to build concrete political skills among women who want to join politics or are already on their journey, immerse in the political reality of India, and overcome inner and systemic barriers. 


She Represents aims to enable a community of strong, politically motivated women, who have a mission to serve the Indian democracy and reclaim their space in Indian politics.

Program Dates: 2 to 6 June and 12-13 June 2021


Applications for She Represents 2021 are now closed


Why apply to She Represents?


Gain concrete political knowledge and skills


Establish politics as a  viable career path 


Design and visualize your own political journey


Personal mentoring


Build a community of aspiring women political leaders

Highlights of

She Represents 2020

She Represents 2020 was an online program with  aspiring women leaders, and it was an exceptional experience for the participants and the team. We had 13 speakers from multiple movements and political parties. The participants learnt about women’s role in the political history of India, pathways to politics and listened to the journey of several other women politicians, learnt several tools for campaigns, mobilising, communication etc, and strengthened our belief in the need to have more women in Indian politics.


Together, they explored their WHY for being in politics and we experienced a community getting formed that will stand by each other in this journey. 


Program Highlights


Knowledge & Skills

  • Build a strong understanding of the Indian political system

  • Build expertise in a variety of political skills like narrative building, mobilising communities, advocacy etc.

  • Sharpen your media and communication skills

  • Strengthen your ground-level socio-political context to apply on your political journey



  • Be part of a community of future aspiring women political leaders

  • Connect with leaders, politicians from various parties and regions

  • Integrate with the larger ISD alumni ecosystem

  • Form regional groups for contextual support


Inner Work

  • Participate in reflective practices to seek inner clarity

  • Get exposure to identify biases and perspectives

  • Identify limiting and enabling powers within the self

  • Understand layers of identities, privilege and roles

  • Engage with questions of political ethics, and articulate your moral compass 



  • Listen to established and experienced leaders from the political space from sarpanches to Members of Parliament

  • Engage in experiences on the ground in your community

  • Understand the specific challenges and opportunities women face in politics and learn how to overcome them

Who is it for?

30 participants | Age 18 - 50 years


Are you an aspiring woman political leader? Have you engaged in actions towards a strong political commitment? Do you see yourself in a public leadership role in future? If yes, we invite you to apply for She Represents.


We value the diversity in our country and encourage women from different political, religious, cultural, class, caste, economic and regional backgrounds to apply.


We are looking for women with demonstrated evidence of public service and a clear intent towards political leadership.

Program Dates: 2 to 6 June and 12-13 June 2021

Immersion - June 2nd to 6th, 6 AM to 8 PM (long days, with breaks)

Integration - June 12th & 13th, 6 AM to 8 PM (long days, with breaks)

What will you need for an online She Represents?

All sessions will happen online, with exhaustive pre and post prep for participants.

Online spaces will include inner work, skill development and community building. 


Note: You are required to be available for the above mentioned timings on each engagement day, so please don’t commit to any personal or work related tasks in between. Account for self work and prep for sessions, so the whole duration is committed to She Represents. It will be as if you are with us in person :) 

You will need a stable internet connection allowing audio and video streaming for long durations, and also a laptop or computer to log in from (mobiles don't allow full accessibility to all online features). You will also need to be available for ALL sessions. Attendance is mandatory for the dates mentioned 


Speakers of She Represents 2020


Abhimanyu Bharti 
Campaign Strategist


Bhakti Sharma

Sarpanch, Bhopal


Charu Pragya
BJP, National Media Panelist


Diggaj Mogra
Campaign Strategist


Harsh Mander
Social Activist

Fees & Contribution

The cost per participant for She Represents online edition is 20,000 INR. 

However, we are capping participant contributions at 8, 000 INR to include varying paying capacities. We have merit and need based scholarships available. If cost is the only barrier, don't hesitate because of that. We will consider each applicant for a scholarship.

We would like to invite you to contribute further after the experience is completed, if you feel it was worth more and you would like to pay it forward for the next cohort :)

Our sincere intention is to make this valuable program accessible to everyone, irrespective of socio-economic status. 


To bring this to effect, at Indian School of Democracy, we are experimenting with this trust-based model of contribution to holding collaborative, collective and co-owned spaces.

Applications for She Represents 2021 are now closed