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She Represents 2024  is a 7-day leadership program that will be held in Delhi. It is exclusively designed for 40 local Elected Women Representatives selected through a multi-stage process from across India. This program welcomes elected women from both urban and rural areas, as well as those under Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA) governance. This program is an attempt to strengthen the outcomes of the recently passed Women's Reservation Act.

This is a unique opportunity for women leaders to develop their governance and policy analysis skills, communication and public speaking, leadership and build networks with top women leaders from across India.  They will get to learn from senior political leaders, women MPs, top bureaucrats, governance experts, etc.


We believe that this community will serve as a source of motivation and encourage women to claim their space in Indian Politics and work on the path of constitutional values.

Program Dates:  13-19 July 2024 (Delhi) 

Selected participants will come to Delhi and stay together in a residential venue.

The primary language used for facilitation would be Hindi.

Applications Closing Soon


Why apply to She Represents?


Gain concrete political knowledge and skills


Learn governance skills, negotiation with bureaucracy


Develop communication and public speaking


Personal mentoring support


Listen to senior political leaders and top bureaucrats

Highlights of
She Represents 2023

She Represents 2023 was a seven-day-long immersive journey that aimed to empower elected women representatives from across the country. Previously online, this edition was held in a hybrid format There were 55 women elected representatives from 15 states of the country. The focus of the program was on locally-elected women leaders. 

The sessions focussed on themes such as gender, local governance, building public narrative, managing social media and team building. The edition also had external speaker sessions from powerful women leaders and guided sessions for both urban and rural participants.
Together, they explored their WHY for being in politics and we experienced a community getting formed that will stand by each other in this journey. 


Program Highlights


Political knowledge & skills

  • Build a strong understanding of the Indian political system, political ideologies

  • Build expertise in a variety of political skills like narrative building, community mobilisation, etc.

  • Sharpen your media and public speaking skills

  • Learn about constitution and its relevance in your work



  • Be part of a community of elected women representatives from across the country

  • Connect with experts and senior leaders from various parties and regions

  • Integrate with the larger ISD alumni ecosystem which consists of local representatives and position holders in various parties



  • Understand overview of urban and rural local governance

  • Learn how to negotiate with government officials and get the work done

  • Learn from senior bureaucrats and governance experts

  • Improve your planning and other practical skills relevant for daily governance work


Inner Work and Leadership

  • Participate in reflective practices to seek inner clarity

  • Get exposure to identify biases and perspectives

  • Identify limiting and enabling powers within the self

  • Engage with questions of political ethics, and articulate your moral compass 

Who is it for?

40 female participants | Age 21 - 50 years


Are you a local elected woman representative? 

Are you passionate about bringing change at the grassroots?

If yes, we invite you to apply for She Represents.


We value the diversity in our country and encourage women from different political, religious, cultural, class, caste, economic and regional backgrounds to apply.


We are looking for women with demonstrated evidence of public service and women who are elected representatives.

Preferred Profiles

  1. Panchayat Presidents 

  2. Ward members

  3. Councillors

  4. Nagar Panchayat Chairpersons

  5. Former elected representatives

  6. District Council Presidents

Application Process

Step 1: You will fill a short application form. This will include some demographic questions, a video question (optional) and some subjective questions to help us understand your journey better.  

Step 2: If shortlisted, we will invite you for a virtual interview

Step 3: Based on the shortlisting, we will create a cohort of 40 elected women representatives and hold an induction call with them (pre-program induction call). 

Program Dates: 13-19 July 2024 

(In-person in Delhi)


Speakers of She Represents 2023

Jothimani Sennimalai_INC.jpg

Jothimani Sennimalai

Member of Parliament, INC

Meenakshi Natarajan, INC.png

Meenakshi Natrajan

Ex Member of Parliament , President, RGPRS

Accountability Initiative_Logo.png

Accountability Initiative

Centre for Policy Research



Enabling Rural Governance since 1997


There will be scholarships upto 100% on need and merit basis for all the participants 

The actual base cost per participant for She Represents is 30,000 INR. But we believe that financial barriers should not prevent women from participating in our program. 

We invite participants to contribute as per their capacity and look at it as an investment in your own self and your political future.


We are committed to bring more women in the political sphere by providing opportunities to women from all socio-economic backgrounds. 

Please do not let finances be the barrier for your application. 

Final deadline to apply 28th April 2024

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