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My Learnings with Indian School of Democracy

In life few things happen and are remembered, and cherished throughout the duration of life. ISD is one of those few things that has altered me, enhanced me, and improved my level of knowledge and intellectual level to a new paradigm. In short, it changed my way of life in real terms.

At a personal level, the moment I got a call from ISD, the way these people put across their concept to me (that too on a call) was so simple that I felt that there is something good about this organization. Starting from introduction to their concept, organization to ensure that candidates understand the same thing, to making training sessions, the routine was beyond comprehension. By giving exposure to different parts of India from north to south, ISD gave us the opportunity to feel the effect of politics on receiving end i.e. the common man, the platform gives all of us On ground exposure rather than decision-making in comfortable rooms.

In ISD I got the opportunity to meet people from different regions, different ideologies, and different political parties which increased dimensions of my thinking horizon (of course breaking my individual limits, not to say) to new ideas, and now I can visualize the same thing from different lenses, hence giving choices of ideology rather than just my own. ISD taught me the LEADERSHIP OF PRACTICE RATHER THAN THE LEADERSHIP OF PREACHING.

Being at the Post of Sarpanch of my Panchayat Shadipur, the experience enhanced my Professional competence, understanding & listening to People's Problems at a more much deeper level and applying the knowledge in a modified and better way.

Coming to the larger and important picture, As the name Indian School of democracy, ISD literary was like School for us.

It teaches us the values, principles, mutual ragard, facets of leadership in these changing times,regard and most importantly THE WILL AND SPIRIT TO FIGHT FOR A GREATER CAUSE BEYOND PERSONAL BENEFITS AND RESTRICTIONS. ISD gives that confidence that is just not only limited to choosing between right and wrong but Choosing THE HARDER RIGHT OVER EASIER WRONG.

Hopefully & surely ISD will become the Standard of Indian Democracy or in other words Indian Standard of Democracy i.e. ISD.


The Good Politician Participant

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