• Ishita Dutta, Delhi

Hope and Passion

I can see the change. When I started this journey, I did not know what to expect but this trip was beyond my imagination. Everything was on time and perfectly organized. I felt heard, belonged and I can see the change.

When I started, I was impatient to tell my points but within 5-6 days I learnt the ability to listen. I heard so many stories and made numerous friends but I got mentors that gave me space to grow.

The speakers were so knowledgeable and experienced that I could learn something from everyone. I came back with some of the best bonds with people and three mentors. I can't explain how much this means to me. I got rid of my fear of dogs and dark which on a personal level is a very huge achievement for me.

I learnt so much about other people and I carried at least 20 stories with me. When I came for Democracy Express, I thought I am the only one waking up at night with the worries of the world but here I could see the hope and passion that I have to make a change in others also. I am carrying hope and directions for the world I want to create. After visiting Barefoot College, I knew what I wanted to do and I could see everything aligning in place.

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