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Beginning of something life changing

Truth is that what I learnt in those 10 days is not something I can put in words. They are the kind of experiences which will come out as and when my journey on this path progresses. I have always been the kind who imbibes things rather than making notes of them. I try to learn both the good and the bad to understand how to react and how not react when any situation rises

Democracy Express! 10 days .... they might just end up changing my life. I came for the journey with a blank slate. And I am glad that I did that. First of all, congratulations to the ISD team for all their effort. The group of people they chose for our first journey was definitely representative of the whole of India.

Each session was intense in its own way. Some sessions filled us with hope while some made us question ourselves, whether we were made for this field or not. Some were filled with stories of grit and determination while some had the knowledge and experience to share. What was common for me in all of them was that nothing can be achieved without constant hard work and that there are no shortcuts.

Each member of the cohort had her/his unique story which made their journey a challenge for them in different ways. It was heartening to see so many different ideas, perspectives and methods. But the kind of India all of us wanted was still the same. It followed the path which was laid down in our Constitution.

In those 10 days I got a glimpse of what the future can look like. I also realized that it might not happen if we don't put our everything into the efforts for making it like that. The forces that are dividing the country are stronger than us and very well organized. We need to learn how to work as a team, trust one another and move beyond our small differences to make way for a better, happier, progressive and developed India.

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity once again.

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