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Indian School of Democracy is a non-partisan organization that conducts programs for aspiring, grassroots political leaders. We want to nurture principled leaders, with moral courage and imagination, to achieve sarvodaya.




curriculum to build

political readiness

We believe political leaders need 6 different types of capitals for success in politics. Through the program, our participants will build and leverage these capital to create meaningful change on the ground, and accelerate their political aspirations.


Curriculum that will prepare you to understand and practice principled politics 

Knowing self and people

  • Building public narrative

  • Forming grassroots team

  • Social Mediation

  • Mobilising masses

  • Decision making and managing conflict

  • Ethics and values

  • Adaptive leadership

Designing political interventions

  • Designing surveys & research tools

  • Interpreting constituent data

  • Managing  a political budget

  • Planning community projects 

  • Fundraising for campaigns

  • Evaluating progress

Creating change on the ground

  • Building low-cost election campaigns

  • Social media and image management

  • Speech  and debating skills

  • Building partnerships and networks

  • Being a political worker on the ground

Immersing in current reality

  • India’s cultural history

  • Understanding state and national parties

  • Exploring political history of India 

  • Caste, religion and gender in politics

  • How to deal with corruption 

  • Big political challenges today

Seeing the whole system

  • Constitution

  • State and national parties

  • Panchayat system

  • Municipal corporation or council system 

  • Working with local bureaucracy

  • Important policies and laws for governance


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