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A Yatra of Reflection and Learning

I am taking this opportunity to appreciate a young team who are willing to transform society by nurturing principles, ethics and moral values into young people.

My experience with ISD’s Democracy Express yatra: It's an opportunity to get to know about young leaders across the country who are working for a cause in their own circumstances. It's a great honor for me to know about others who think like me. ISD gives space and platform to connect with like-minded people who are serious about bringing change. Before the journey I was a bit confused. As was shared by co-founder Prakhar, the reason I was applying for this is to get connected with like-minded people and by the end of the yatra I wanted to come up with a constructive decision.

Through DE I met young, serious and committed people for better nation building. It was a great exposure. During the yatra, the day began with an open circle which used to enlighten the inner strength. The individuals openly shared their views and vision. Sessions with different speakers who shared their practical experience were really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge, especially in the session by Atishi. She raised trigger points about how difficult it is for women to sustain in politics. Every speaker had their own expertise to instrument themselves in society and play a torch bearer role for a better society.

Democracy Express helped me to retrospect my core values. The key takeaways from this journey are to be grounded with patience and courage to take stand for any cause with ray of positive hope.

ISD is completely different from others. Throughout the journey they tried their best to keep active engagement of participants with the same frequency. I wish that ISD organizes such programs frequently and nurture young brains for a better society.

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