In 1998, APJ Abdul Kalam penned down an audacious vision for India called Vision 2020. He dreamt of a developed India and focused on a few areas like health, education, agriculture, manufacturing, IT etc. For the past two decades, Vision 2020 has inspired an entire generation to work towards making it a reality.


However, today, in 2020, we are far away from that dream - we have progressed by leaps and bounds in a few areas but some basic problems continue to prevail in our beloved country. COVID-19 has made us see how vulnerable we are, and how millions of people continue to be underserved.

This is a call to action for many of us - a call to take action for our beloved nation. 

We feel that it is time again for us to come together and craft a bold vision for our country - VISION 2047


What is your vision for India in 2047? Let's weave a collective dream for India.

Contribute your ideas for building a bold Vision 2047 for India.

We look forward to reading your responses -your dreams for our India.

This will culminate into a collective Vision 2047, that will be shared with each one of you.

"Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts, and thoughts result into action." ~ APJ Abdul Kalam 

Vision 2047

हमारे सपनों का भारत


2047 में कैसा भारत देखना चाहते हैं आप? क्या है 2047 के भारत को लेकर आपकी परिदृष्टि। आइये भारत के लिए मिलकर बुनें सपने। 


भारत के लिए मजबूत विजन 2047 के सृजन में अपना वैचारिक योगदान  करें। 


Submit your "VISION 2047" in Hindi or English. 

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