New generation of principled leaders

Through a combination of hard skills, inner transformation and immersive experiences across India, ISD will nurture principled leaders with moral courage and imagination to achieve sarvodaya.

21st century Sabarmati Ashram

Indian School of Democracy, nurtures principled leaders whose values enhance all the spaces they enter.


We believe that ISD cannot do this alone.

The larger ecosystem needs to come together and we have to collectively nurture these principled leaders for public service.


ISD has its own programs but works very intentionally with other partners to create more learning spaces to achieve scale. 

The 3 main programs under ISD are:

Flagship 1-Year Residential Program

Short-term Programs

Democracy Express

राजनीति से लोकनीति

Flagship 1 Year Residential Program

The flagship year-long program is designed to nurture the next generation of public leadership. The experience intersperses academic and hard skills with extended immersion building a deep understanding of the Indian context. 

A strong focus on inner transformation and enduring moral leadership underlines the entire experience, along with building hard skills necessary to be effective. We are yet to decide the launch date of this program. 

Short-term Programs

Our short-term residential and non-residential programs run through the year. Programs are conducted both, on-campus and off-site across different locations in India. The short-term programs focus on all four pillars of democracy and hope to create a larger impact within the democratic ecosystem.

After rigorous research and learning from Democracy Express 2019, we have decided to start three new short term programs this year:

  • 10-days residential program for women interested in politics- She Represents ( Applications are now open)

  • 3-weeks residential program for political workers (July 2020)

  • 3 days residential program for sensitizing people who are in politics because of their privilege and want to understand realities of India

Democracy Express

ISD organizes an annual 10-days immersive journey, Democracy Express to engage with principled, progressive, and unsung heroes of Indian politics. The purpose of this journey is to change the narrative around politics, reclaim it, introduce the youth to good politics and build a community.

After the successful first edition of Democracy Express 2019,  in 2020 we go to South India in December 2020. Stay tuned. 


Module-based learning from experts

Guest lectures


Spaces for dialogue



Holding environment for learning & sharing

Peer collaborative groups

Reflective journeys & processes


Field immersions

Shram daan on campus everyday

Service for community

Community engagement activities 

Highlights of Programs at ISD

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